Own This Home

Oakhill Realty’s private sale program is designed for those who are knowledgeable enough about the real estate market to represent themselves but need the power of the industry’s most powerful tool – “MLS®”. With Oakhill you not only get the national MLS® system but local Saint John and area Real Estate agents will also be able to find your home on their internal system. This extra benefit will get your home seen by 95% of the people looking for a home.

There are several options for you to choose from and a variety of services available. We can customize a program just for you and your skill set.

  • We will come to your home, explain the program in detail! If you decide that it is just what you needed than we will complete the paperwork, collect all the necessary data and get your home listed where the buyers can really see it! MLS®, Local Real Estate Board, Oakhillrealty.ca, homesinsaintjohn.ca, & Ownthishome.com.
  • You will need to be involved and give your input and select from our menu of services. If you choose you can set your own price or have us assist you. You can supply your own write up and photos or you can have us look after these services too. We have real professionals standing by ready to help.
  • We will provide you with a professionally designed lawn and directional sign.
  • Your home will be featured on a number of websites and we will create a virtual tour that you can use in your social media campaign or email to friends and potential buyers.
  • Now that your home is featured in all the right places, the real work can begin! Showing your home to potential buyers is serious business, they are going to have questions and you are going to need to have answers. The good news is because we do this every day we know the questions and can make sure you are ready.  We will also give you suggestions on how you can make your home look its very best. If you need the services of a home stager, we have one available for you.
  • The exciting time has come and you have a buyer asking all the right questions! Negotiating time has begun. If you are an old pro at negotiating than you are off to a  great start but if this is a challenge than we can help. Unlike the marketing company’s we won’t leave you hanging by yourself at the most critical time.
  • Congratulations! You have reached an agreement but not so fast, your home isn’t sold yet! Somebody has to draw up the agreement. You can do this yourself but it isn’t something we recommend, this is very detailed business and the slightest of mistakes could cost you thousands of dollars. Don’t attempt this unless you have the necessary skills! We suggest you hire us or a lawyer to draw up the agreement of purchase and sale or if the buyer has one make sure you have it approved by a knowledgeable source before signing anything!
  • Well you are getting closer to the finish line but now you most likely have a home inspector to deal with and a bank will soon be in touch soon to talk about a possible appraisal or looking for some documentation. This isn’t normally too big of a deal so you should be able to handle this part but if not we have the knowledge and skill if you don’t.
  • Between the time you have something on paper, that both parties have agreed to and when the new owners actually take possession there are some things you need to know. You are responsible to keep the home in the same condition that the buyers saw when you reached an agreement. They will generally take the opportunity to come in and inspect the home one more time before the lawyers change the title. Even at the last hour something can still go wrong and the deal could still fall apart.
  • Now the lawyers are doing their part, getting mortgage documents in place and getting ready to disburse the funds. We like to say when the lawyer has made you rich or poor the deal is done!
  • Before you walk out the door for the last time we suggest you give your home one final cleaning. Providing them the names of their new neighbours will build some good will just in case you discover that you forgot something and need to get in touch with the new owner.
  • Selling your home is a very emotional process, you hopefully have had many great memories and made many good friends. It is a personal process, you have invested not only money but your love and care into your home. Feelings can get hurt in the selling and buying game. Try not to take it personally as each party is just trying to do what is best for them. If it is getting personal than it is time to call us in and we will be there to help!